Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I guess my age and mind are finally catching up to each other…and not in a good way

I guess I can announce this because I need your help.

I apparently assigned some work for my upcoming Cross of Fire Saga Adventure Path. What I assigned was three magic items that we created for the donors as a “secret item add-on” that we were going to give away to all the donors. I assigned it to the writer and sent them to do the work.  Sounds simple right?

Just one thing, I have forgotten what writer I assigned this project. That is right I CAN NOT REMEMBER WHO I ASSIGNED THIS TO. Apparently I am suffering from Alzheimer over this.  I have gone through my list of normal writers, and I still can’t remember who I assigned this. So if you are the writer that I sent this to send me an email and remind me and send the draft of the work. Thanks.

And for all you laughing at me; Hey don’t laugh. It could happen to you. Talk to you later…

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