Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cross of Fire Saga – No Drow Allowed

When I first created the idea for doing the Cross of Fire Saga Adventure Path for the Ravenloft setting (I planned to submit it to Dungeon Magazine), the monsters I planned to use where Mind Flayers, Drow and Githyanki. Flash forward to NOW and I have replaced the Mind Flayers with Phrenic Scourge and the Githyanki with the Kaylethon. But the Drow I have been working on to fin the right monster to replace them. A few I thought of were the Neogi from Spelljammer or Exodites from NeoExodus, but nothing has made me super excited. So here I am stuck with no replacement. Maybe something will come up or maybe someone will suggest something. Time will see. Talk to you later…

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