Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cross of Fire Saga - Mock up covers for the Kickstarter

To help with the creation process of the Cross of Fire Saga, I needed to create mock up covers that help me focus on what I am looking to see in this adventure path. This part of development, the visual and graphic design, creation is important to me to help understand what I am actually doing.  It is one thing for a lone writer who develop and create that only exist in their loner head don't normally do. It is completely different to get people involved to see what is in your head and make it exciting for them. That is what I am doing with the graphic design part. I am taking my mind's eye and letting you have a peak int to in.  While these are mock up using stock art from our Obsidian Apocalypse book, you know with the title and design what I want you to feel with this series.

And of course I made the the 5th adventure cover idea, title and visual design.

Try it. It helps. Talk to you later...

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