Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cross of Fire Saga - Budget and Goal with Kickstarter

As always I am thinking about Cross of Fire Saga Kickstarter  for use with the Obsidian Apocalypse Campaign Setting and any other horror based campaign setting for Pathfinder. and now I am working on the Budget of how much money I will need to raise for this KS. I am planning for this KS a little different by only asking for $3,500 for the first adventure. The complete saga is going to be 4 adventures roughly 30 - 32 page each for a grand total of 120 to 128 pages. I am planning to actually pay for and complete  all the writing and editing BEFORE we start the KS.  So no matter what the project will be done before we even start and we will be using KS to see if we can cover what we have already done.  Basically we are doing all the work so the donors don't have to worry and wait to see if we have actual done the work. So when the KS ends, we send them rough draft copies of the adventures to donors look over and enjoy while we work on the artwork and layout.  As I stated before, we are looking at a budget of $3,500 with a breakdown of 40 - 50% for Writing and editing; 20 - 25% for artwork and cover; 20 - 25% for shipping, printing, covering KS and Amazon costs; and finally 0 - 5% for miscellaneous. Every $3,500 we raise will cover one adventure until we raise $14,000 which will cover all the adventures. Any money we raise above the $14K we will use to created great threshold goals.  So as you see we do have solid plans. now we just have to work on the adventures.  Best of all some of the rough drafts for artwork will need to be worked on soon. So expect to see so very cool stuff in the very near future. Talk to you later...

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