Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cross of Fire Saga Development process...

Once again I have decided to pick up the Cross of Fire Saga project and attempt to do it for Pathfinder specifically Obsidian Apocalypse. I first created the idea of this multipart adventure back in D&D with Ravenloft.  It was going to be a Mind Flayer / Drow / Githyanki / Undead super adventure in the realm of Against the Giants or the Queen of Spiders.  Fast forward to now, WOTC has declared Mind Flayer and Githyanki as IP so no chance to use them. But I can use the Phrenic Scourge as a stand in for the Mind Flayer while I still working on a cool replacement for the Githyanki. But I am not that worried about that.  Right now I see this as a kickstarter-type project. My dream writers for this project would be Tim Hitchcock, Neil Spicer, Nick Logue and Brando Hodge to work on it.  Maybe I should start making some calls and asking some questions on available.  What do you think? Who would you like to see involved in this project on the writing side?

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