Monday, December 9, 2013

Suffering through Writer’s Block….

Apparently with everything going on in my life, I am also suffering through my first case of Writer’s Block.  In my entire life I have never had this happen to me so this is a quite interesting and frustration situation. I mean I can not seem to put together something that excites me to develop and write about.  I mean I get tons of ideas, but none of them seem exciting and interesting enough to get me to place pen to paper.  I mean the most interesting thing I have come up in the last few months has been doing a Japanese Samurai mash-up version of the Three Musketeers. While I am sure many of you might think that is a good start (and I agree it is a good start) it still needs more. What is the more I need? I have no idea but I am still working it out.  If you didn’t know, my creative process starts from the concept of, “It is X plus Y to equal Z”.  But it has to be more!!!  This technique gets you started, but it is the end of it. You need to develop it all the way out to pitch it to people to get their feedback.

A great sample of this is the Max Landis pitch that he didon the Nerdist. If you have not heard it go listen and then come back. 

Now after listening to that pitch by Max Landis, I bet you are excited and inspired to go work.  So am I. I just wish I could put something together to be as exciting. I guess I will have to work through this, no matter how long it takes.  Talk to you later…

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