Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Working freelancer Eric Hindley like a dog!!!

As of late while I have been working on and focused on the last bits of Obsidian Apocalypse, I have been assigned all kinds of work to our newest freelance, Eric Hindley. Eric has also done several pieces of work for us on Obsidian Apocalypse too so you can see we are busy. I got an email form Eric and told me that the first draft for the upcoming Adventure Path Iconics: Path of the Star will be in house VERY SOON. Also he is working on upcoming Adventure Path Iconics: Path of Righteous and the iconics for Obsidian Apocalypse. Sensing a theme here? So we have iconics coming out of the wood works here which is a good thing. After all this is done we are going to have Eric work on … wait for it … MORE iconics with The Mummy's Mask and Iron Gods (2014 Adventure Paths). I know that you will see a Machinesmith iconic in Iron Gods iconics from us so at least I will be happy about it. Maybe a Gunslinger too. Who knows? I guess Eric will know soon. Talk to you later… 

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