Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[LPJDesign] 5-star review + seal of approval for Enemies of NeoExodus: Cyrix (PFRPG)

Louis Porter Jr. Design has just received a 5 star + seal of approval from the prolific and well respected Pathfinder Role Playing game reviewer, Endzeitgeist, on our Enemies of NeoExodus: Cyrix (PFRPG).  Endzeitgeist said this about the product: “Don’t let perhaps the coolest villain (with or without) psionics currently available for PFRPG pass you by. This is an easy 5 star + seal of approval pdf and one that is a candidate for my Top Ten of 2013. And yes, if I could, I’d rate this 6 stars – pdfs like THIS are what I’m reviewing for.”

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