Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More work for Obsidian Apocalypse turned in…

Eric Hindley of RPG Superstar Top 32 in 2010 & Top 16 in 2011 fame, has been working on some of the more dangerous and interesting parts of the upcoming Obsidian Apocalypse. Here turned in the Environment and Hazard section and I thought it might be interesting to show you a sample of the work (pre-editing) so you can get the full effect of the dangers we have planned for you.  Talk to you later…

Starfallen Slime (CR 5)
A beautiful but dangerous slime, Starfallen Slime is black and filled with tiny speckles that reflect light, making the slime itself look like the night sky, or as the night sky would if it were visible from Abaddon anything but rarely. Starfallen Slime was carried to the world by the meteorite impacts and, post cataclysm, has spread throughout Abaddon to be found in many different places.

Starfallen Slime is difficult to see, requiring a DC 30 Perception check, and is typically found within or around the many crater scars left by the meteorite impacts. Most of the slimes remain within their impact craters unless carried off by a creature that they have attached to. They speckle the landscape as fragments of the meteor that caused the cataclysm continue to rain down upon Abaddon.

Short lived, patches of Starfallen Slime become harmless patches of sparkling tar within 1d6+1 days of reaching the world but, before that time the slime lies within its crater and lurks, waiting for a creature to happen upon it, whereupon it lashes out with pseudopods and begins seeping into their body through their pores and orifices, seeking their brain.

After 1d4 rounds of being in contact with a creature the slime deals 1d6 points of Intelligence and Wisdom damage per round while it devours the victim’s mind. A character or creature reduced to zero Intelligence or Wisdom dies instantly and cannot be restored to life, even by magical means.

On the first round of contact the slime can be scraped off but after that it must be cut away (doing 2d6 points of damage to the host). Only remove disease spells destroy Starfallen Slime and it has no effect on wood, metal or stone. Starfallen slime is unaffected by cold, heat or sunlight.

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