Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Now only seven races for Obsidian Apocalypse…

When I originally did Obsidian Twilight, I made the setting with 8 races to play in it, with this up date to Obsidian Apocalypse I have reduced the amount of races from eight to seven. Which race didn't make the cut to this new edition? The Raijin. The original concept of them was a beetle / insect races that I wanted to create for the Obsidian Twilight setting but since we did the Sasori in NeoExodus I decided not to do them in that way.  With this new updated we took a hard long look at the Raijin and decided they would work better as a monster than a PC race.  While everyone one LOVED their concept, they were just not a 10 point based race created using the Advanced Race Guide rules. So with that the Raijin go from friend to foe. Balance in races and gaming in general is tough due to the fact that the “coolness factor” of something can be overridden by the rules as written and this was one of those times.  Oh well I guess you will have to just live with seven very bad ass races. I mean come on when was the last time you say a race as cool as Khymer? A Sentient parasitic psionic blood based life form is VERY cool.  Talk to you later...

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  1. I whole heartedly applaud this decision. While I love the Raijin, they are not fit as starting races and felt more like a reward to me.

    Also: I'm VERY glad to hear that you'll balance the races against the core-races and not the at times horribly broken ARG-races. Makes me very glad I backed Obsidian Apocalypse. :)