Thursday, April 11, 2013

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus Chronicles: Fleshwraith (PFRPG) Now available

Louis Porter Jr. Design has released its newest product for their NeoExodus Chronicles line, Fleshwraith (PFRPG) for the NeoExodus: A House Divided (PFRPG) campaign setting at and Here is information on this product: 

My, yes, I love animals and insects. Built for survival, perfect predators—even the prey is somewhat incredible. You learn a lot studying them…and don’t think I’ve no idea what you’re thinking about. Or that I’ve never heard people talking behind my back. I’ve seen them, heard them. Saying I’m weird, crazy, creepy, ugly. All stupid and jealous. Except this one, a great boy. Not the brightest one…I think he had a crush on me. A farm boy—orphan—watching over another awkward orphan girl, top of her class…the perfect couple, you see? Poor sap defended me every time, until he took one too many blows for me. Classic story: I was in the woods searching for some rare Hymenoptera, him glued to me like crap on my shoes, and right there: boom, a hungry bear! Fun fact: The boy had always been dead afraid of bugs. But unlike me, he had great eyesight and jumped first. Yep, he took on a damn bear long enough for some lumberjacks to hear our cries and chop through it. My own personal 10-year-old little-big hero. He didn’t make it through the night. Thinking back on it, he had pretty eyes…wanna see? I always keep a copy of his eyeballs in my lab to watch over me. 

The Fleshwraith includes:
 • New Base Class: Fleshwraith
• New Augmentations: Genetic Lab & Hivemind
• Host and Symbiont
• Nine All new Fleshwraith Spells including Caustic Spit, Grant Evolution, Sticky Net and Toxin Graft
• Fkeshwraith Feat: Body Horror
• 2-Point Evolution: Survival of the Wisest

Available at RPGNow!!!

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