Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our 2nd Kickstarter, Origin of Man, is 95% done!

While later that I wanted I am glad to say that out 2nd successful Kickstarter, NeoExodus Adventure: Origin of Man for Pathfinder RPG is 95% done and expect to see it released for they patrons this week and sale to the general Pathfinder fan base by the end of the month.  Our Creative Director JP Chapleau goes wild in this adventure. Here is the write up for Origin of Man:

The Arman and the Nasians share a number of common traits. Both are taller than the human norm and share characteristically blonde hair. However, they live on opposite sides of the world of NeoExodus. One man thinks he holds the key to proving that both share common ancestry. All he requires is a group of adventurers to escort him. An adventure for 7th level characters.

Hey, what is the worst that can happen. Once again, thanks to all the patrons that supported this Kickstarter and we hope to do many more in the future.  Talk to you later…