Thursday, October 18, 2012

Even as the boss, I have to pitch ideas for adventures for NeoExodus…

While it might surprise a little of you that I have to pitch my adventure ideas to the other people at LPJ Design, it keep it honest (at least in my eyes) that we make things that people are interested in. So I have decided to pitch something that I have been working on and I wanted to get some feedback on what people though and what more could be done to make it more interesting.   Please remember, this is a ROUGH concept / idea pitch and nothing has been finalized, but this is how far I have gotten.

The PC are asked by the Imperial Alliance to travel to Unthara where it was been reported a 10 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet black cube (which they refer to as a Twilight Monolith) has been discovered and it is believed to have a direct connection to the First Ones as a weapon mass destruction weapon. 

Twilight Monolith has the TARDIS effect of being much larger on the inside then the outside and is a suspended animation warehouse for the First Ones with tens of thousands of Sobeka, Aneshi, Scythians and various other First One monster creations placed “on ice” ready to be revived for future battles and wars.  The Twilight Monolith is just one of dozens of hidden locations like it (unknown to all including the modern First Ones who have actually forgotten where these locations are -- ala the Russians and their missing nuclear weapons) created nearly 6,000 years ago.   The Twilight Monolith is a multi leveled location (over 100+ level) with 95% being for storage (virtually identical to each other) and the remaining 5% of operations of the Twilight Monolith (which the PC will explore and discover more about the First Ones).

Unusual items in the Twilight Monolith
·     First One version of a single person arcane connection construct (Taylos) similar to what Kaga is that controls and runs this Twilight Monolith. Talyos is an unknown race and is very old, virtually immortal and has been suffering in pain.

The Twilight Monolith’s Outer Shell
Twilight Monolith is covered in obsidian colored material that is highly reflective and all that come with it 5 feet of the Twilight Monolith it acts like a Mirror of Opposition but the reflection oppositions all appear like Exodites when they emerge from the mirror.  In addition The Twilight Monolith outer wall will not cause a reflection of character with either Chaotic or Evil alignment.  Those foolish enough to touch the Twilight Monolith will be affected by a mage’s disjunction (CL 25). In addition after touching it, all with it 60 feet of the Twilight Monolith are affected by a prismatic spray (CL 25) also the Mirror of Opposition effect will come into effect.

The only way to creating an opening at the Twilight Monolith is with the use of the Exodite Talon Glove.

Surrounding the Twilight Monolith
Surrounding the Twilight Monolith are hundreds of broken and destroyed equipment and weapons and skeletal remaining and decaying bodies of varying type, races and time periods.  These of course are the victims of the trap of the Twilight Monolith outer shell.  While the majority of the equipment and weapon have been destroyed there are four items that are still functioning.   I have not decide what those items are yet.

  • Talyos

New Monsters
  • XXXXXXX Mongrel
  • Monolith Gatekeeper (Constructs)
  • Selachi AKA Sea Devils

So what do think so far? Are you even interested in seeing more?  Talk to you later…