Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marketing and selling strategies I like Mass Effect Pre-Ordering

Here is something that might surprise you to know, I don’t have a video game system to play video games on. I don’t even have any games on my home personal computer. Not Skyrim. No KOTOR. No Splinter Cell. Nothing. But anyone who knows me that I spend A LOT of time watching video game trailers. I LOVE game trailers and the business strategies that companies use to get you interested in their products. One of my favorite video game series to watch is Mass Effect. They know how to make a trailer. Something else they know how to make is a cross over marketing strategy for two products for example The Mass Effect / Dragon Age cross over marketing:

Better yet, I love when the do the Pre-order special with Gamestop like these:

So after looking at all these video I am thinking, why aren’t RPG companies doing pre-order specials like these? Just something to think about. Talk to you later…