Thursday, October 6, 2011

Testing out the Advanced Race Guide Playtest on the P'Tan

So I downloaded the Advanced Race Guide Playtest from Paizo and the first thing I have to say, It's a basically an update to the original Race Creation Cookbook for 3.5 OGL we did 6 years.  I don't mean that in a bad way, I just mean if you liked the Race Creation Cookbook, then you will like Advanced Race Guide Playtest. While this is a playetest and can see what they left out and what they should have added.  I guess they are waiting for the comments back from the playtest to show the full system.

So I decided to put this system to the test and I decided to make our NeoExodus: A House Divided race, the P'Tan using this system.  This is what I got:

Racial Trait: Native Outside - 2 RP
Size: Medium - 0 RP
Base Speed: Normal Speed - 0 RP
Ability Score: Standard Mode - 0 RP
Language: Standard Array - 1 RP
Defensive Racial Abilities - Standard Ability
-- Ancient Foe - 3 RP
-- Illusion Resistance - 1 or 2 RP

Offensive Racial Abilities - Standard Ability
-- Elemental Assault - 1 RP
-- Hatred: 1 RP
-- Weapon Familiarity: 1 RP
Weakness Abilities
-- Light Sensitivity - -1 RP

Total: 8 or 9 RP

While the abilities didn't completely match up, it was close enough for me.  There are several threads you can take a look at about this playtest and put your two cents in.  So system-point wise it was very close to what I do to make races.  So download it and test it out.  I think you will enjoy it.  Talk to you later...