Friday, June 3, 2011

[Business News] LPJ Design has acquired a minority stake in a Third Party Publisher of Pathfinder Material

What does that mean in plain English? Basically it means I have put some of LPJ Design money into another company to have some percentage of ownership which entitles me to a percentage of their profits. What does that mean for LPJ Design? Really nothing on a day to day basis. We will not be changing anything with what we do with LPJ Design. I have minority stake in this company because it offers me access to some things that LPJ Design doesn’t. Better yet it gives me the ability to build another source of income for my business which in turn makes the RPG industry stronger. Plus I can do a few projects that might fit well with the LPJ Design without directly attaching it to LPJ Design, like if they were doing a setting that might be a good idea but not very “LPJ Design”-ish.

Now the big question a few are asking is, Who is the 3PP did LPJ Design purchase a minority stake in? Was it Rite Publishing? 4 Winds Fantasy Publishing? Open Design? Jon Brazer Enterprises? Super Genius Games? Well who ever it is there is one thing you can say for certain, The artwork and graphic design is going to look beautiful! Talk to you later…