Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Should LPJ Design to do "No Frills" editions for their campaign settings?

People always seem to complain about the price of PDFs. I don’t understand why, since most of them are relatively VERY cheap. Modern Warfare 2 has a price of $59.99 and then you have to pay more to get all the online bells and whistles. People complain, but Modern Warfare 2 went on to sell 7 million copies in one day. So shelling out $5 for a PDF doesn’t really seem that bad. Let’s just face it, gamers are cheap and we all know it. No need at trying to sugar coat it, we like the cheap stuff. Price has been and will be an issue for life. $50 rulebooks don’t help but you can get the PDF for only $9.99 that is a nice trade off. But since this is an issue, I have been thinking of ways to handle this and I think I may have come up with an answer.

The most reasonable idea that I have come up with is doing a “No Frills” version of the PDF. And when I say “No Frills” I mean “No Frills”. No Artwork at all. No fancy border design on the page. No fancy type faces. The cover has the logo and the words “No Frills Edition” under it. Nothing to make the product look what I would consider to be “graphical exciting”. Just black ink on a white page. And best of all the product would be only 4.99. That is “No Frills”. I think this is a good idea and would work on some customers of you who just want the info and don’t care about the design elements. So tell me what you think. Is this a good idea or any I just crazy? Talk to you later…