Monday, January 10, 2011

A challenge to Owen Stephens: A Spelltweet Off!!!

I have known Owen Stephens for a while since he has done work for me in the past on NeoExodus: A House Divided. I know he is always innovative in what he works on, but recently he did something on twitter that got me reall excited. He has been doing Spelltweets.  What are Spelltweets you ask? Here is a sinple write up of one

Ooze form, wiz 7. As gaseous form w/o sentences 3-5. No flight. 30 ft. swim and climb rates, make all such checks. #Spelltweet #Pathfinder

A whole new spell based off of another spell in only 140 characters. Simple, elegant and interesting all at once.  I like what he did so much that I am issuing a challenge to Owen, A Spelltweet Off!!!  If you would like to see this happen, comment in my Twitter feed or facebook page or in Owen's Twitter feed or his facebook page.