Friday, December 10, 2010

Undefeatable Friday - Stable Magic & Unpredictable Magic

Stable Magic (Metamagic)
            You know that magic’s tactical strength lies in its predictable and logical laws, codes and effects. You know how to manipulate these variables with a jeweler’s precision and a general’s cunning.
            Prerequisites: Any lawful alignment, caster level 5th 
            Benefit: One you cast any spell with a measurable and variable numerical effect during an encounter, you ‘store’ those variables for future use. If you cast the same spell again during the same encounter, you may use either the newly rolled variable effects, or the ‘stored’ variables, whichever are greater.

Unpredictable Magic (Metamagic)
            You know that magic’s tactical strength is its versatility and you pride yourself on never casting the same spell twice during the same battle. Let less imaginative spellslingers cast Magic Missile after Magic Missile, you know that predictability is death.
            Prerequisites: Any chaotic alignment, ability to cast spells from at least 2 different schools, caster level 3rd  
            Benefit: At the beginning of each encounter, begin keeping track of the schools associated with the spells you cast. For every round you cast a spell from a separate school of magic, you recover 1 HP if wounded, and gain a cumulative +1 modifier on checks made to penetrate Spell Resistance. As long as you cast a spell from a different school each round of combat, you receive this bonus, which increases by +1 for each additional school you cast from during the battle.

            At the end of 8 rounds, you will have a +8 bonus on checks to penetrate Spell Resistance and have recovered 8 HP if you have cast 8 differently schooled spells. If the encounter lasts beyond 8 rounds, you retain the +8 bonus on spell penetration and recover one additional HP per round until the battle ends. If you cast a spell from a duplicated school before this period ends, the bonus vanishes and cannot be regained for the duration of the encounter.