Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LPJ Design to support Pathfinder psionic rules set and product line by Dreamscarred Press

Louis Porter Jr. Design announces it support of Dreamscarred Press Pathfinder psionic line of products with the release of the upcoming release, Secret Societies of NeoExodus: Section Omega on February 18, 2011.

“We wanted to redo this sourcebook for Pathfinder from 3.5, but when Pathfinder Core Rulebook was released, psionic rules were not something they had in the forefront of product releases. Later I heard that Dreamscarred Press was creating their own psionic rule set to work with Pathfinder and I thought that was a perfect match up,” comment Louis Porter Jr., owner of Louis Porter Jr. Design. “I contacted Jeremy Smith; after Dreamscarred had completed rules playtesting and started the preorder for Psioinics Unleashed; about updating Section Omega using their psionic rules set. He agreed and the rest they say is history. I think this is a great example of third party publisher supporting each other and the Pathfinder Role Playing Game system and working together. This partnership only adds to the quality and success of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game system. I hope this is the beginning of many cooperative ventures between our companies”.

Here is some background on the upcoming, Secret Societies of NeoExodus: Section Omega:

The people of modern Exodus fear and distrust psionic powers and those with it. The psion’s ability to read or even control minds without even the scant visible trappings of wizardry - the wilder’s unpredictable and spontaneous destructive powers - these mindspawned mysteries are the stuff of nightmares for common folk from the Wyldlands of Bal to the deserts of Cordel. Even the widely respected, psionics-using Janissaries of the Imperial Alliance have not been able to dispel such superstitious fears - perhaps because the superstitions are all too often justified. Eventually, the Imperial Alliance with the help of Imperial Senate created an organization to address those fears - and to bring to heel those mentalists who misused their gifts. Thus was born Section Omega - the Imperial Alliance’s regulatory and investigatory body for psionic affairs. This supplement includes:
  • History of Section Omega
  • Section Omega’s Headquarters & Methods
  • Organization Effects of Section Omega
  • New Prestige Classes: Psychic Overseer and Id Hunter
  • New Magic and Psionic Items and Nearly 30 New Psionic Feats

Secret Societies of NeoExodus: Section Omega releases from LPJ Design February 18, 2011 from DriveThruRPG, RPGNow.com and Paizo.com.