Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wondrous Equipment Wednesday - Barking Rocks, Choke Collar & War Dog’s Razors

Barking Rocks: Barking Rocks are rough and irregular brown and white stones about as big as a woman’s fist. Barking Rocks are found only near the desert lairing places of brown dragons, and some geologists speculate that some chemical secreted by the dragon is responsible for their creation. The stones are gathered and sold to city shopkeepers and adventures alike, because the same properties that make them an amusement to desert children makes them useful to the justifiably paranoid.
 When any Medium or larger creature passes within 10 ft of a pile of 2-3 barking rocks arranged in a rough triangle, strange sonic resonance occurs. The movement of the creature triggers a resonating effect in the rocks, and they begin to make barking and howling noises, like the horrible braying of a bloodthirsty war-dog. Listeners can attempt a DC 18 Perception or Survival check to realize the sounds are produced by barking stones, not real guard dogs. Most thieves though, don’t stick around long enough to make the check.

Barking Stones (set of 3), Tiny object, 3-4 lbs, 45 gp

Choke Collar: Used to break the wills of hard headed and particularly stubborn animals, choke collars are noose like leather collars. With a tug on the line, the owner can briefly choke whatever Large or smaller animal is collared, compelling obedience without doing lasting harm. Using a choke collar provides a +2 bonus on Handle Animal checks.

Choke Collar. Tiny object, 1 lb, 8 sp

War Dog’s Razors: These articulated steel plates fit loosely over a Halfling war-dog’s front and rear paws and are attached with heavy leather straps. Long curling talons made from fine steel dig into the earth as the creature moves. When wearing a set of Razors, a war-dog’s base land speed is reduced by 10 ft, but the canine inflicts an additional +1d6 points of slashing damage with claw attacks. In addition, the war-dog can dig his gauntlet-like Razors into the ground for increased stability, providing a +2 equipment bonus to the canine’s Combat Maneuver Defense.

War Dog’s Razors. Small object. 4 lbs (set), 70 gp