Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deadly Trap Thursday - The Drunken Deck

The Drunken Deck (CR 1)
This deck of shabby and well used playing cards has won more than one pot unfairly, and more than one cheating bastard has had his throat slit a Drunken Deck has been found on the table. The deck of cards is painted with crude egg tempera designs, and each “ace” card is decorated with a lurid and poorly rendered images of nude human and Elf girls. Close examination of the deck reveals it stinks faintly of strong alcohol, not exactly unusual for a tavern gambler’s deck.
Type: mechanical
Perception: DC 18
Disable Device:
DC 12
Trigger: Touch
Mechanical (soak the cards in Drunkard’s Rest for several minutes)
Effect: Those touching the Drunken Deck are exposed to a contact poison. Characters wearing gloves or with a natural armor bonus of +3 or greater are immune to this poison.

Drunkard’s Rest
Type: Contact.
Duration: 6 rounds
Effect: 1d3 WIS damage
Cure: 3 saves
Special: Characters who have drank one or more alcoholic drinks in the past hour suffer a -2 penalty on FORT Saves against this poison.
Cost: 55 gp

 Watch-Wake: Watch-Wake is a greenish tea that  smells strongly of lemons. Blisteringly sour, drinking the stuff is unpleasant at best. Drinking Watch-Wake provides the imbiber with a +2 circumstance bonus on FORT saves made to resist fatigue and WILL Saves to resist sleep for 1 hour. During time, the drinker is immune to Drunkard’s Rest. Canny gamblers usually drink a pot of watch-wake tea before a game they expect to use a Drunkard’s Deck in.
Watch-Wake Teabag. Fine object, negligible weight. 8 gp