Monday, November 8, 2010

Magic Item Monday - Buffoon’s Hammer & Writhing Bracelet

Buffoon’s Hammer  
Aura: strong transmutation, strong universal              CL: 13th
Slot: weapon   Price:194,000 gp        Weight:  8 lbs

This unpredictable weapon resembles a warhammer, but its unlike any weapon ever wielded by any soldier when ever in history. The oversized head of the mallet is painted in garish primary colors, and the wooden shaft is carved with elaborate pictograms depicting clowns defeating knights, bards bravely slamming a lute over the head of a sleeping dragon, and the like.

Anytime the wielder scores a critical hit with this +2 Dancing Warhammer, roll on the following chart to see what kind of wackiness ensues.
D6 Roll
And wackiness ensues….
Grease spell cast on the target
Summons 2d6 rats, squirrels, mice, ferrets or other small rodents to fight on the caster’s behalf. They usually just jump on the target’s face and begin clawing randomly.
Black Tentacles is cast on the target’s square, possibly entangling the hammer’s user as well.
Stinking Cloud is cast, centered on the target’s square.
Deep Slumber is cast upon the target.
Confusion is cast on the target.

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, animate object, limited wish
Cost: 97,000 gp

Writhing Bracelet
Aura: moderate conjuration (creation)            CL: 10th
Slot: hands (bracelet)              Price: 48,000 gp         Weight: ½  lb

This bracelet is woven from strands of some strange black fiber, that though dead still writhes and twists disturbingly. The bracelet constantly drips a slimy black ichor that smells like fish oil and mint. By rotating the bracelet on his wrist, the wearer can activate the item’s magic. Up to three times per day, the Writhing Bracelet can cast Black Tentacles as a 10th level spell caster.

Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Items, Black Tentacles
Cost: 24,000 gp