Friday, October 15, 2010

Undefeatable Friday - Pikeman & Shoeless

Pikeman (Combat)
You’ve done your time in a well-drilled militia and know how to set weapons against a charge the right way.
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +1, Martial Weapon Proficiency
Benefit: When you ready a weapon with the brace feature against a charge, you inflict triple damage on a successful hit.
Normal: You deal double damage with a weapon braced against a charge.

Shoeless (Halfling)
You come from a proudly barefoot and traditional Halfling village. Shoes are something for the big folks to wear, and you look down any Halfling dense enough to have been taken in by ‘the cobbler’s con’.
Prerequisites: Halfling race, character level first
Benefit: You cannot benefit from magical footware, such as boots of speed. However, your hairy Halfling feet can be enchanted even easier than magical footware can be. A spellcaster with item creation feats can use them to imbue your feet with with magical effects, as if permanently enchanting a magic item. Doing so requires the spellcaster to sacrifice magical artifacts and reagents equal to 2/3 the normal creation cost of the item, but only requires an hour long ritual to enchant your feet, regardless of the ‘item’s’ base GP cost.

The enchantment upon your feet cannot be dispelled, but it can be suppressed by an anti-magic field, or disjoined like a magic item. You can convince another spell caster to re-enchant your feet with a new ability later; when doing so, the original enchantment is lost forever and the new enchantment is activated.