Monday, October 18, 2010

Dragons of NeoExodus - Good and Evil

I am working on the most classic of fantasy monsters, the dragon, for the NeoExodus: A House Divided campaign setting. I have wondered how I would do dragons differently then most other fantasy setting.  The one thing that I think I had to change was the naming process of the dragons themselves.  White dragon, Black dragon, Gold dragon and Silver dragon don't really have what I would consider scary or interesting names so I can up with names for NeoExodus dragons:
  • Good Dragons: Nebula dragon, Solar dragon, Stellar dragon, Bezimer (Infinity Dragon; dragon king of good dragons) & (2) Unnamed dragon types.
  • Evil: Dragons: Armageddon dragon, Carnage dragon, Havoc dragon, Holocaust dragon, Wrath dragon & Shaitan (Apocalypse dragon; dragon king of evil dragons).
OK with the name we have, you know EXACTLY which ones are the good ones and which one are the bad one.  Another thing I am doing is splitting up the damage their breath weapon does and doing very unique breath weapons. For example one of the dragon's breath weapon is half a swarm of stirges / half filth fever disease (evil of course).  With this breath weapon, most PC are immune to something (disease seems most common) but most are not immune to more monsters especially those who try to drain your PCs blood.  The thought process when creating the dragon's breath weapon is something that I think will make the dragons even more interesting. I wonder what other interesting breath weapons I can come up with.  How about a breath weapon that is combination of blade barrier and chain lightning. How much fun it is to be on the receiving end of that one?  Talk to you later...