Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 5 Sales Source Report for All Products form RPGNow.com

Here they are in order.

  1. RPGNow.com Front Page
  2. RPGNow.com Weekly newsletter
  3. RPGNow.com Featured Product
  4. RPGNow.com Drunken Goblin Section
  5. GM Day 2010

Now here is the interesting piece, my RPGNow.com FrontPage sales are over 15 times more than the RPGNow.com Weekly newsletter or RPGNow.com Featured Product listing. 15 times!!!  So every second I am on the front page in the new release section on the Front page, the more profitable it is to my company.  We all know the front page was valuable real estate for making money, but I didn't realize the number would be 15 to 1.  Guess I have to keep releasing product every week like I used to.  Talk to you later...