Friday, September 17, 2010

Obsidian Twilight - A Place Beyond Hell final draft just came in...

With the final draft in, we can move on to the assigning or art and getting everything ready for layout so we can have this out in time for Halloween and AMC's Walking Dead. Here are just a few things you will find in this sourcebook:
  • Over 20 feats including Black Blood, Empty of Life, Hollow Man and Mark of Darkness
  • Over 20 New spells including Antilife Bolt, Beyond Alignment, Immaculate Dissection, Mind Trap and Whispering Madness
  • Ten All New monsters including Abyssal Arm, Infected Land, Viral Macrobe and Nyxsus the Surgeon
  • New Organization: Cult of Black Glass
So if you Liked Obsidian Twilight, then get ready to get your Lovecraftian horror on with A Place Beyond Hell.  Talk to you later...