Friday, September 3, 2010

The $6 to $8 PDF cashflow sweet spot

When talking about money, most people don’t talk about that sweet spot where you can make the most money possible while at the same time making the product the most reasonable for those you would like to purchase. I have noticed that spot to be $6 to $8. Dependant on your RPGNow percentage, you could receive between $4.20 to $5.60 for each product sold. While not a lot of money in a one off situation, you have 50 products at the average amount and each one sells 2 each that is $420 to $560 just off those sales. That is just TWO a month. A $6 to $8 ranged product should have between 32 to 54 pages in length (roughly 16K to 27K words). If you hire a writer to do this at 2 cents a word it would cost you $320 to $540 all you need to sell is between 77 to 97 copies to break even (Buy some stock art for $10 bucks for find free old images and use them to save money). If you want to save that money do the writing yourself. Better yet after to do this as a PDF you repackage this as a POD book thru and you can make any more money. While I am a HUGE fan of small PDFs, I know if you want to really start making the level of money which changes you from a non-name tiny PDF publisher no one has ever heard of to a well known PDF publisher who can hire people this is something you have to deal with. Cashflow is the life blood of you business. Always protect it and maximize it. Talk to you later.