Monday, August 2, 2010

LPJ Design signs print-on-demand book distribution partnership with

Louis Porter Jr. Design, and its affiliate Devil’s Workshop, has signed an online distribution deal partnership to release print-on-demand books at the website. “LPJ Design has been interested in finding a way to get our print-on-demand products available at and we have finally found a way that makes it a good business ventures for both companies.  We plan on releasing  at least 11 print-on-demand products over the next 12 months that will cover our two Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supported gaming lines; NeoExodus: A House Divided and Obsidian Twilight; in addition to other Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supported products.” commented Louis Porter Jr.

“We think that Paizo approach of selling directly to their supporters and fan base can only help expand and strengthen the RPG market and we are glad to be part of that.  LPJ Design believes the ability for fans to get products directly to their homes at a reasonable cost without waiting on their local retailer is best.  LPJ Design products go from directly to the customer. Quick, easy and efficient.” stated Porter. LPJ Design print-on-demand products can be expected to start appearing on by late August / early September.  For more information, feel free to visit our website at

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  1. So is this you buying the product from lulu and shipping it to paizo or the customer ordering through lulu with paizo being the storefront?