Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How much should a RPG PDF cost?

Normally I don't comment directly on this, but this one made have to look twice when I saw it. I was over at RPGNOW.com and saw this new product for sale. When I looked closer I saw the price of the PDF and their page count. After some quick math in my head I came up with 43 cents per page for this product. Then to add insult to injury, the publisher disabled the cut & paste feature AND the print feature. Basically these guys want someone to pay the $20 for something they can only look at. WTF?!?!?!?!?!

When I first got into RPG PDF publishing, the accepted retail cost of a RPG PDF was 10 cents a page. I have seen this number creep up over time to reach as high as 18 to 25 cents per page on average. I never really worry about pricing issues; because I know the "market" will judge what prices is "reasonable" and adjusts itself accordingly. This happens everywhere in the world so this is not an issue. But there is a slight price creep that has happened over the last decade in RPG PDFs. I like, Chris Anderson, believe free is a price point that we have to embrace as business people to get people interesting in our products. With so many other things vying for our interest, cost does become an issue that we need to realize will affect our buying choice. So instead of trying to "grab all the money you can", think about how you can best service your customer and how can you do that for free. After you do that, THEN and only then think and find a way you can make a profit from your product. This will make you a better business person which in turn will make you more money. How much should a RPG PDF cost? How much are you willing satisfy your customers needs? Talk to you later...