Thursday, April 8, 2010

Half Pixel and Webcomics get it – Alliances and Partnerships are how you survive and grow

While looking at the morning blog post, It hit me how smart the guys at and Half Pixel are. They work as a unit promoting webcomics while at the same time promoting themselves and what they do. They do a “somewhat” weekly podcast about the industry and business of webcomics and best of all, they put out a book of how you can do it yourself. They have proved that alliances and partnerships are a strong business “weapon” that can be used by anyone; including you and me. I have a few partnerships with other PDF RPG companies who sell my products that look like products in the other companies gaming line. Why? It is a great way for them to make money (I pay them 15% of the sale to do it), they get to expand their product line without having to do anything, and lastly it is good for the industry as a whole by supporting each other. One song, many voices.

This ties in to directly what I am doing with the Creative Imprint Agency. Teaming up with other RPG PDF companies to help is all is a good thing. Just take a look at and think about how many of the people listed there you could team up with and proved a whole new range of products. RPG Objects did it for years with Modern Dispatch. Just something for you to think about. Talk to you later…