Friday, April 16, 2010

[BLEEPING] Sean [BLEEPING] K [BLEEPING] Reynolds … are you [BLEEPING] kidding me!– [A Rant by LPJ]

[BLEEPING] Sean [BLEEPING] K [BLEEPING] Reynolds!!! Are you [BLEEPING] kidding me!!! This guy has just been added to my [BLEEPING] RPG hit list. I was bad enough that he was a well known and respected [BLEEPING] RPG writer and developer. It got worst when he started up his own [BLEEPING] PDF RPG business. It got even worst when he hooked up with [BLEEPING] Paizo to become a developer and designer for them, but now he has crossed the [BLEEPING] line.

Yesterday morning over at Paizo’s [BLEEPING] website blog, [BLEEPING] Sean [BLEEPING] K [BLEEPING] Reynolds put up a little item that he thought would be useful for those people who will be playing an Alchemist (or in my case an Alchemist/Monk). That [BLEEPING] [BLEEPING] [BLEEPING] [BLEEPING] put out an Alchemy Tracking Sheet. What the [BLEEP]! Are you [BLEEPING] kidding me? This is the kind of thing people would love to have!!!! Including me!!!! Why didn’t I think of that? Even worst, this [BLEEPING] Sean [BLEEPING] K [BLEEPING] Reynolds is giving it away for FREE!!! [BLEEP] me! FREE!!! What are you [BLEEPING] crazy! That is TOO [BLEEPING] good! There are so many people who would be looking for an Alchemy Tracking Sheet to use at their local game. There are people who would have paid good money for that product, but he is giving it away for free. What kind of [BLEEPING] nice guy [BLEEP] is this? OK, Reynolds just know you on my [BLEEPING] list. Watch our back, because I will be looking for you!

An Alchemy Tracking Sheet. What the [BLEEP]!

Talk to you later…