Thursday, April 22, 2010


We are pleased to announce the debut of the Creative Imprint Agency. (CIA for short.)

The CIA is a publishing umbrella that lets creative RPG publishers focus on what they do best, while also giving them access to the experience, resources and mentoring of some of the most successful electronic RPG publishers in the field today. Part of the reason the CIA was started was to foster the growth of the electronic RPG industry, while striving to increase the professionalism and quality of products.

Lets face it, starting your own RPG company is fairly easy to do, and has only gotten easier in the past few years. Unfortunately, many talented and creative people are less prepared to tackle other aspects of RPG publishing like marketing, layout, accounting, managing freelancers and all the other jobs that come with creating a successful electronic publishing company.

The CIA acts as a single umbrella publisher where each Imprint can develop, grow and market their brands, lines or games. The CIA umbrella brings its industry leading technical, marketing, layout and design services to bear on behalf of our partners, allowing them to focus on what they do best. We believe it will be a win-win partnership for all involved.

If you have ever wanted to begin electronic RPG publishing, we think you should see what the CIA has to offer.  If you are currently publishing electronic RPG material and want to bring your company to the “next level”, we think you should see what the CIA has to offer. Some of the benefits CIA Imprint Partners will enjoy include:
  • A Private message board where you can interact with all the CIA mentors about all topics
  • Private conference calls and one-on-one coaching from CIA mentors
  • Access to a large quantity of stock art free of charge
  • Reduced rates on for hire artwork from top notch artists
  • Access to our freelancer contacts
  • The full marketing savvy of the CIA creative team
  • Free website hosting for your imprint
  • And more!
Check out our FAQ for more details.

Contact the CIA about getting started today.

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