Monday, March 22, 2010

Why do RPG Publishers expect they will make no money with their RPG products?

“The RPG industry is the only place where people spend thousands of dollars to make hundreds.”

I heard this comment a few years back from a writer friend when he was describing the business mind set of RPG publishers. For many of us, we think it is OK to break Rule #1. I have broken Rule #1 in the past, but it is a rule that I make sure I don’t break now. It seems that RPG publishers have gotten into “business” without realizing what “business” is. Many of us work very hard to lose money. The sad part is that we could work just as hard to make money if we changed some small parts of our mind set. Too many small press start ups just want to see their name in print or others seem to have to write and EPIC settings to prove they are great writers. I wish these same people would spend as much time researching and formulating their business model and future business plans as they do developing their own games and setting. Always follow Rule #1. If you follow Rule #1, then you will be successful in the RPG Business. If you don’t you will be like the hundreds and hundreds of other companies that are here today and gone tomorrow. Why don’t you do something different with your business then everyone else is doing? Follow Rule #1. Talk to you later…