Sunday, March 21, 2010

[LPJ Design] Coming Soon - Quartermaster: Campaign Items Cards

Sometimes it is hard to remember what type of mundane and magical items you might be using or carrying.  More often, you want to show players what mundane and magical items you are carrying look like.  Now that problem is solved with the new line of products from Louis Porter Jr. Design: Quartermaster: Campaign Items Cards

Quartermaster: Campaign Items Cards is a deck of 21 non-random item cards in PDF format which you can use for mundane and magical items.  Best of all you can customize the item card so you can do mundane and magical versions of the same item if needed. Print them out, cut them out and use them in not only your weekly Pathfinder games but in any and every fantasy roleplaying game you can think of.  This product is customized BY YOU, not for you.  Quartermaster: Campaign Items Cards is usable by everyone from the most novice player to the most experienced and detailed game master on the planet.  This is the product you need to add to your local gaming session.  Available soon at and

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