Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did you write a business plan for your business?

After yesterday blog post I got a few comments here and on twitter about One Bad Egg and their business plan. All of it got me thinking, do most RPG publishers have a actual written business plan? LPJ Design (as the PDF publisher) does not; but I have written two business plans for spin-off business (One died in it initial creation; the other one is for Grammar and is currently in process). While writing both business plans I think it gave me a real understanding of what a business is and should be. Paizo, to me, feel like a company that had a great business plan in place, and they have followed the business plan to success. Why don't we "business people" in the RPG industry do business plans? We spend all this money on making products to sell online and at con, but we miss the most basic step to help make our business a long term success by not doing a business plan. Why? Is is too much like "real work" and as publishers that happen to be gamers and fans that we want to avoid that?

The RPG industry is dying a slow death. While we don't like to admit it it is happening, the only way to really save it is to start thinking long term what we can do to keep the industry healthy. The sad part is that most of us are not thinking our doing long term things, we are just doing things to boost our own egos and expand our personal brands without look finding ways to get new people interested into the gaming industry. We all need to get together and create a long term business plan for the success of the gaming industry and how we can help individually. I hope this inspires you to do something. Talk to you later...