Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why you should always hire artist who make stock art over artist who don’t…

OK here is a little fact that most people and publisher will not say out loud, Artist in the majority can be prima donnas. Yeah it is true. Tons and tons of them are worst then the craziest diva you might ever meet. Why? It is simple, they are not working; they are creating art. To them creating art in nothing like work. Work is done by common people, while art is done by those who have a enlightened sense of things. Common people work. Those who create are special and unique. The worst part of this is that we (common folks) help foster this belief. But I am here to tell you, don’t believe the hype.

Artists are no better than you no matter who they might be or what they can do. It is said that most artist do not have a business mind set and I somewhat believe that. Art is very subjective and can have a lot of different meaning. In business, the only thing you have to really know is did this product make money or lose money? Yes or no? Simple and nothing subtle about it and a lot of artist don’t like or understand that. The reason that you should use an artist willing to sell tier art work as stock art is that they understand their artwork is commodity and not art. The artwork is a commodity that can be sold to make money and those artists understand that. If you want me to pay you to do artwork then you are selling me a commodity, NOT ART. And like any good shopper I want to get the most for my money of what I buy. Artist who think their art is too important to be sold as stock art, doesn’t understand what their art really is.

You might want to check out Anthony Cournoyer, Jeff Preston, and Bradley McDevitt. They all do stock art and are good artist who want to create artwork they can sell to make money.