Sunday, April 12, 2009

A company trying to flex their muscle agaist cute!

I got ths response int he mail today from the e-mail I sent out about the new One Day Sale becoming WOTC Doesn't Love PDFs Weekend Sale:

I am as unhappy with wizard's decision as any gamer out there. I think overthe past couple years they have made some very dumb decisions but Iconsider your "WOTC DOESN’T LOVE PDFS WEEKEND SALE" as the height ofunprofessionalism. I am CCing this to Sean Fannon at OneBookShelf and if there is no censuring of your company's bad taste I will withdraw my own product line.

I always like people who stand behind what they believe and want to do things based on these beliefs. It shows courage, gut and conviction. But what makes this litte part VERY FUNNY is that this company has ONLY ONE PRODUCT IN THEIR PRODUCT LINE!!!!! And that product has a 2 of of 5-star review on it from one of the staff reporters. LOL!!!! Well I hope this decision doesn't cost him his "product line". Since I did not want to directly embaress him, I left his name off. I thought it was the least thing I could do. Talk to you later...