Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are you trying to make the market bigger, or just grow your share?

Seth Godin had a wonderful piece on this a few days ago so it got me thinking about WOTCs plans with 4E. This is the quote that kind of made it simple for me:

“Getting new people to enter your market is hugely expensive. There's no way I can persuade a non-book buyer to start buying books...”

My personal business strategy is to get the people who don’t want to covert to 4E and still want 3.5 & OGL material (basically Paizo fan base). So I am looking to grow my share. Being PDF publisher give me the ability to cover a niche of niche and cover it very well. It talks a lot of food to feed a whale (WOTC), so any major change in the food supply (like a recession or depression, not enough interest in a product or line) can really affect them. Talk to you later…