Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why a writer SHOULD write for a percentage of sales over per word rate

Short, sweet and to the point on this one. If you write per word, normally the company you work for does all the marketing on the project and if the project is a hit, you receive nothing extra for it. For example, a project I did 6 years ago with a writer cost me $200 for thier work. That project pay for itself in the first three months and the last six years where I have had good sales on that product has made me well over $5,000 on it. If the writer had taken the percentage of sales of only 10% he would have made more than two and a half times the money, PLUS he would still be making money on a project from 6 years later.

Another reason you want a percentage of sale that it forces you as the writer to get outhter to promote your sales of a product. The more sales you get, the more money you make. Plus doing all this self advertising makes you more known to other companies where you can get more work. It also can help build you a fan base where you can do your own project under your own name like Monte Cook or Wolfgang Baur It is a win-win situation.

Why do you think the business is named Louis Porter Jr. Design? It is another way of marketing Louis Porter Jr.. Talk to you later...