Friday, October 31, 2008

[Obsidian Twilight] Support the cause!!!

I have been trying to get the word out there for support for Obsidian Twilight, and it has been going well. We have had a large increase in traffic to the blog with more and more people interested to learn more and wanting to get involved with the setting. So I have decided to ask you fans and supporters to help spread the message. We have created two different banners at each with two different banners (728 x 90 pixels & 469 x 60 pixels) that you can download and use at your website, blogs, signatures or where ever you want. I hope you will take a few seconds out of you busy schedule and download these banners and use them as often as you can. Even with all I am doing with getting the word out there for Obsidian Twilight Patron Project, I am going to need your help to make it a success.

So if you can help, please do. Thanks! Go here is your link to download: