Friday, October 24, 2008

Coming Soon for 4E - Races of Fantasy: The Elohim

The lost children of the gods, the elohim contain some fragment of their divine ancestor’s power. Elohim are a race of outcasts, having no civilization or society to call their own. Instead they exist on the fringes of mortal civilization, trying to find a place where they fit in this world while trying to also understand their divine nature. Mortals are almost universally unnerved by elohim; in educated lands they are treated as curiosities while in more superstitious areas they are often persecuted as bringers of ill fortune. This leads many elohim him to live a nomadic life, wandering from settlement to settlement as they seek a place in a world that does not seem to want them.

A new PC race for 4E. Written by Lee Hammock. Coming soon to and Paizo.