Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Secrets of a London Call Girl...

Remember when I talked about Doctor Who goes XXX, well I just say the 2nd episode (sorry the 1st one is still downloading) of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and I have to admit it was fun to watch. Not too much sex, but funny and kind of cute. What a really found interesting that it is based off of a real call girl by the name of Belle de Jour (Her working name of course) but she also has a blog where you can read more about her escapades. Just what I need, another show to get hooked on.

By the way, I have only two more episodes for Mad Men, and I am done with the first season. I must say I don't know if I love it or just like it, but it is VERY interesting view of the 1960s. if you want somethign different, check it out.

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