Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Realm of Kaga ... FINISHED

Afte have the cover done first (That usually never happens) and getting half of the project done then sitting on it for a few months (that happens more often them you can suspect) finally Lexicon Crhonicles: Realm of Kaga is completed. Owen K.C. Stephens started this MONTHS ago finishing his part. Then I decided that I wanted more stuff, so I ask our new writer Chris McCoy if he want to come in and "pinch hit" on this and he agreed. He turned in his work quicker than you can say SHAZAM! and then I finished the layout on this tonight. So another NeoExodus: A House Divided project in the can.

Now the next projects that I need to work on are Secrets of NeoExodus: Sanguine Covenant written by Owen K.C. Stephens and Chris McCoy and Secrets of NeoExodus: Section Omega written by Joshua Cole and Chis McCoy. Now that is in addition to the Xao: Island of Iron and Silk and starting Secrets of NeoExodus: Shadow Cabinet. Another busy month, for the folks at LPJDesign.

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