Thursday, August 2, 2007

RPGNow & DriveThru RPG: Now One site!

After nearly 10 months, FINALLY both and are now one site. This cuts down on half my work between these two sites, but not making sure everything else runs well has open up a can of worms. But at least people on the private vendo boards will stop complaining.

Still working on Xao: Island of Iron and Silk. I have just finished working on the Dai Lei Monastery; which is our version of the Shaolin Temple; Sheng Xaing; which is our version of Bodhidharma; and the Zhao Kuei – The Demon’s Claw; our version of Marvel comics, the Hand (FYI: Did you know that their is a Chinese version of ninja called the Lin Kuei. Very interesting). I also building and using Chinese archetypes from movies and book and adding them to the setting as main charcaters like the Bride with White Hair, The Bride from Kill Bill, Lady Shiva from DC Comics, the Jade Rat and the Silken Ghost from Crossgen's Way of the Rat (written by the comic book legend, Chuck Dixon) and even Nameless from the movie, Hero. This is becoming a lot of fun to work on. I can't wait to see it done. I am also hoping that I might pull off the coup of getting Jo Chen to do the cover. With her I think it would be perfect.

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  1. Good Luck on Xao: Island of Iron and Silk! I'm glad my blog entry was of some use. Also, I completely agree that Jo Chen would make a fantastic cover for the genre.