Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who is the Lawgiver?

Who the Lawgiver is not know, but he has proven himself to be a powerful potential ally or enemy with the upcoming changes and events in the world of Exodus. His he been seen all over Exodus from dry and sandy outback areas of Cordel to frozen lands of the Caneus Empire in Nas. But the most interesting thing about this person they call the lawgiver is many have noticed that his is cover in several tribal marking that he calls the Lazarus Brands. These symbols seem to have some type of importance to what is doing Exodus and these brands symbols have been appearing randomly on several individuals who have been seen performing incredible feats of power and magic. What these marking are and what their connection to the Lawgiver is not known, but all those wanting to acquire power in this new era of Exodus agree, these Lazarus Brands and events are linked to each other.

Now I have told you alot and nothing all at the same time. Talk to you later...