Monday, March 19, 2007

The Artwork of NeoExodus: What I a looking for

Artistically, when I started working on NeoExodus, I wanted to try something visually different for a fantasy game. I looked at NeoExodus in the same way the guys who did "The Matrix" looked at doing that movie. Those guys made a list of ideas and concepts that they had seen a million times in movies and then made a list of things they always wanted to see in a movie. Then taking a leap of faith, they did all the cool things they wanted to see, and did not do all the boring stuff. Went it came to NeoExodus, I did the same thing.

First off, I REFUSED to do the same type of artwork you always see in fantasy games; that painted classic looking fantasy style. Everyone has done this style over and over again. I wanted to avoid that with the plague. I wanted to do a something that was a cross between modern day comic book artists like Jim Lee, George Perez, Paul Pelletier, Jim Cheung, the guys from Udon and Wildstorm and influence of Japanese Manga and Anime television shows and movies like Ghost in the Shell, Perfect Blue, Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bepob. With all those cool kinds of inspiration are you surprised that it looks they way it does? Talk to you later.