Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nothing worst then having a lot of projects ready to go, but nothing can go out...

Here are just images of some of the projects we are working on. The sad part it this doesn't include the other six adventures we are working on including the NeoExodus updates of Cold Visitor, Gel (Which has been renamed to Curse of Lannil Island), Origin of Man, Encounter at Ramat Bridge, Drunberg Incident (written by a very special writer with the announcement coming soon) and Three Sides of the Truth written by Tim Hitchcock of GM Gems: A Tome of Inspiration for Fantasy Game MastersEyes of the Lich Queen and Pathfinder Adventure Path: The Serpent's Skull Part 2 - Racing to Ruin fame. 
Lots of work done, just waiting until the NeoExodus Campaign Setting book is released in August so we can release these products. August can't come soon enough for me, plus I have decided to go to NeonCon this year with JP Chapleau and possibly even with the guys from Gamer Ingenuity.  Busy, Busy, busy. Talk to you later.

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