Friday, March 30, 2007

Timeline for NeoExodus, Part 2

Here you go:

0 BU/0 AU: Formation of the Imperial Alliance.

2 AU: Universal adoption of the Sanguine Covenant within the Imperial Alliance.

37 AU: Third Protectorate-Dominion War begins.

41 AU: Third Protectorate-Dominion War ended by the Imperial Alliance.

60 AU: Meteor crash releases the Quickslaver contagion.

70 AU: Appearance of the Lawgiver.

80 AU: Unification of the Janus Horde.

85 AU: Fourth Protectorate-Dominion War.

87 AU: Emperor Desmond and Empress Abigail assassinated.

90 AU: Empress Mercy assassinated; chain of events leads to all four major powers withdrawing from the Imperial Alliance.

91 AU: Imperial Senate declares martial law and sends Imperial forces to subdue the splintering nations.

91 AU: Campaign play begins.