Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prymidian: Finished

And finally the Prymidians.

The natural grandiose and majestic nature of the Prymidians is often the first thing that will come to light when other races who deal with them the first time. The Prymidians are a race of mammallian humanoids whose skin is as a blood red as their passion to the study and the discovery on knowledge and science. With their subcutaneous tendrils and mammalian physiology, the Prymidian is one of the more interesting life forms in Exodus. One of the more refined races in all of Exodus, the Prymidians are referred as the “Chroniclers of Exodus” due to their interest in the collecting and protecting knowledge and retaining if for future generations. While their need to attain knowledge and using it, the Prymidians can also come across to other races as being arrogant, conceited, and overconfident with their information and knowledge.